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- Overnights
- 24/7 Stays
- Grooming
- Medication Administration



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24 Hours


We offer our services seven (7) days a week, including holidays, on a first come,
first served basis.



Kindly contact us for additional rates

Our Services


Initial Consultation / Meet & Greet (Free):


We request this visit be done at least a few days prior to the scheduled care of your pet(s). 

Our usual meet/greet takes approximately 30-45 minutes, depending upon the complexity of your needs and your pet's routine(s).  Together, we will review our forms and instructions for feeding, treats, potty schedules, medications management/administration, your emergency vet protocol/vet contacts, plus basic requested household chores, while you are away.


This is also a great time for us to get to know your pet(s) to ensure he / she feels comfortable around us.

Once this consultation is complete, a key exchange will be done, and you can be on your way! 


When providing a copy of your key, please provide TWO (2) sets of key(s) & ensure they work in all locks. 

If we are required to make a copy, a $10 fee may be added to the invoice.


NOTE:  During every visit, basic home care is included.  These services include:


*  Plant Watering

*  Mail Collection

*  Adjusting Blinds

*  Turning on/off lights and/or TVs and radios

*  Trash Removal and bins brought in


Other services will be performed as requested (if time permits).



30-45 minute visit ($20):

During each ½ hour visit, we will spend a full 30 minutes with your pet(s), feeding them, refreshing their water, scooping litter, walking, running, cleaning up, brushing and/or playing with your “fur kids”.  Time commences upon arrival to your home.

45-60 minute visit ($25):

During each 45 minute (¾ hour) visit, we will spend a full 45 minutes with your pet(s), feeding them, refreshing their water, scooping litter, walking, running, cleaning up, brushing and/or playing with your “fur kids”.  This is the perfect option for more than two pets or pets requiring additional care.

60 minute (one-hour) visit ($30):

During each hour-long visit, we will spend a full 60 minutes with your pet(s), feeding them, refreshing their water, scooping litter, walking, running, cleaning up, brushing and/or playing with them.  This is also a good time for medication administration, as it allows time to carefully monitor for any adverse reactions.  One-hour visits are required when there are four or more pets.

Overnights ($85):

“PAW”-jama parties! 


We will stay with your pet overnight for a full 12 hours.  Includes all services plus a minimum of three walks.


Sample overnight times are (9 pm - 9 am), (8 pm-8 am), (7 pm-7 am), (6 pm-6 am).  These times may be flexible, depending upon our schedule and your schedule. 


This is the perfect option for older pets, those pets requiring frequent medication or care, pets who suffer from separation anxiety, and your new puppy or kitten! 


During overnight stays, the pet(s) receive a walk upon arrival and another walk prior to departure (more walks and/or potty breaks are provided during our stay).  If the pet’s family will be away during this time, we would highly recommend another one-hour visit during the day, to ensure they are not waiting more than 6-8 hours

for a potty break or feeding.


Our policy is (we prefer) to provide potty breaks at least every 8 hours.


Discounted Weekly Visits ($85):


An ongoing 30-45 minute visit every day, Monday – Friday or at least five days a week..


In-Home / Live-In Stays ($100):

We stay in your home, 24/7 continuously, with your pet(s).  This rate applies to us "living" in your home and staying with your pet(s), while you are away, and includes all services.  Your home will be left as clean (or cleaner) than when you depart. 

*Any in-home stay is a stay of four hours or more.


“Taxi” Transportation to (or from) vet or grooming appointments ($25): 


If your pet(s) has a scheduled appointment, that you just can't make, we will pick them up and safely transport them to the appointment.  If the pet needs to be left, and picked back up, it is considered an additional trip.


Pet Store / Supply Trip (plus the cost of items purchased) ($25): 


No time to stop at the pet store, but out of food, litter, and other items?  Not a problem for us!!!  Simply text, call or e-mail the list of items you need, and we will happily go shopping for you.  We will deliver the items to your home or work.  We are also available to provide this service during our stay or before a visit.


Home Visit with No Pets or Lockout Service ($12): 


Going out of town and worried about your home/property?  If you have a trip planned with your pet, but would like someone to check on your home (to give it a lived-in look).  We can turn designated lamps / lights on and off, adjust blinds, water plants, collect mail and newspapers, take out the trash, adjust A/C for your arrival home, etc.


Locked out of your home?  We will come to save the day!


Care for More than Two (2) Pets: 


Extra pets - more than two?  Pets visiting for the holidays?  We do not charge according to the number of pets.  Our rates are based on time needed to properly care for your pets. 


Homes with 3 dogs, will require a minimum of a 45-minute visit; homes with 4 dogs will require a one-hour visit, dependent on need (walks versus fenced in yard potty breaks). 


If your home is blessed with more than 4 dogs, and your dogs do not require walks, or you have other questions regarding your situation, kindly call us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.




Please note, for the following holidays, no surcharges will be applied to any of our services or visits. 

However, pets/clients will be cared for on a first come first served basis.


        >  Memorial Day and the weekend preceding

        >  July 4th (and weekend)

        >  Labor Day including the weekend (Saturday – Monday)

        >  Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving

        >  Christmas Eve

        >  Christmas Day

        >  New Year's Eve

        >  New Year's Day



Showing Appreciation for a Job Well Done

Tipping is not mandatory.  However, it is greatly appreciated by your pet sitter when he/she has performed “above and beyond” their pet sitting requirements  You may leave a cash tip, a check in your pet sitter’s name, or some clients leave a token of appreciation behind, for their pet care provider.  Any and all are sincerely appreciated but never expected.




We make every effort to accommodate all of our clients’ needs and the needs of their pets.  However, there are times we must turn down a client’s request due to prior bookings.  In an effort to avoid this situation, we have instituted the following cancellation policy:

Any services canceled less than 72 hours prior to scheduled services will incur a fee based upon a sliding scale, as follows:

    48-72 hours cancellation = 50% of scheduled services charged

    24-48 hours cancellation = 75% of scheduled services charged

    24 hours or less cancellation = 100% of services due


There will also be a 100% deposit required for live-in stays (bookings) during the holidays.

This deposit will be due one week prior to the start of service.

* We sincerely appreciate your understanding in this matter.